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The senior management of Delifrost S.A. has defined, documented and communicated internally and externally its Environmental Management Policy.

Delifrost Management is committed to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment; For this we make eco-efficient use of resources (Water, energy, Raw Materials, waste) and we incorporate processes of reduction, recycling, wastewater treatment, which allow us to comply with the legal environmental regulations in force National and International, and also allows us offer competitive and environmentally friendly products.

These results are obtained through our environmental management and waste management programs, and are based on continuous improvement, training of the personnel involved and the application of audits throughout the supply chain.

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“At Delifrost S.A. We guarantee the industrialization of frozen fruits in chunks, suitable for human consumption, complying with the legal and regulatory requirements and those defined with the interested parties.

We ensure compliance with current quality and safety standards applicable to our products, seeking to satisfy the needs of our customers. This commitment is sustained by ensuring the competencies of the personnel related to food safety, effective communication and continuous improvement of the integrated quality and food safety system. "

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